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NWAS/LIAC 2019 Committee

Bonnie Birch - Chairman -
Eileen and Rick Webber - Vice Chair/Mailings/Tickets - Rick.EileenW@Comcast.Net
Doris Osgood Communication; NWAS magazine -
Rod Miller Competition Chairman; Parade Chairman -
Kathleen Falco - Publicity & Volunteer Chairman-

Paul Bria NWAS
Frank Bruckner - NWAS
Tom & Caryl Dowell NWAS
Emmanuel Gasser - NWAS
John Giuliani - NWAS
Toby Hanson NWAS
Cooksie Kramer - NWAS
Dick Myking NWAS
Ken and Sue McCauley NWAS
Jim Tobler - NWAS
Judith Ames NWAS Website; NWAS membership

Business Consultants
Larry Meyer Projekt Bayern
Nancy Smith Leavenworth Chamber
Heidi Forchemer Andreas Keller
Ken Kohnhorst - LIAC Official website

Northwest Accordion Society -
LIAC Website







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