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Click Here for a copy of the letter sent to the Accordion Clubs by Doris Osgood.

Virtuoso Sponsor
Projekt Bayern - www.projektbayern.com
(Projekt Bayern is a non-profit organization in Leavenworth that supports the Bavarian theme, supports many local projects, and enriches the town's artistic culture. With their generous donation, they have made it possible to bring top entertainers to LIAC and increase our scholarship and competition awards).

Business Sponsors
Petosa Accordions - www.petosa.com
Tempo Trend Music - www.tempotrend.ca
Northwest Accordion Society - www.nwasnews.com
Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce - www.leavenworth.org
Andreas Keller - www.andreaskellerrestaurant.com
Das Copy Shoppe - http://dascopyshoppe.com
Der Ritterhof - http://www.derritterhof.com
Climb for Fun - www.climbforfun.com
Oregon's Alpenfest - www.oregonalpenfest.com

Accordion Players, Accordion Clubs, Friends of the Accordion
(these donations sponsor our bursary program for young accordion players)


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