Here's the latest update of 2021

May 18, 2021

by Bonnie Birch - bonniebirch@msn.com


Update - playing at the gazebo
Masks will no longer be required when playing on the gazebo stage. Also, there won’t be restrictions on the number of people that can be performing at the same time on the stage.
This is all due to the removal of restrictions in Washington State due to improvement in the Covid situation.
It is highly suggested that those that are not vaccinated should wear a mask.
Anyone that feels more comfortable wearing a mask may certainly do so.

Go to the Gazebo page to see what time slots are available (there aren’t many).
Gazebo Schedule | Accordion Celeb (accordioncelebration.org) .


April 5, 2021

by Bonnie Birch - bonniebirch@msn.com

Our plan for LIAC 2021

We have 2 basic events in 2021: Student Evaluations and Live Music at the Gazebo. We won’t be having activities in the Festhalle or Grange due to restrictions due to covid.

Following is where to find information on 2021 events. (the remainder of the website shows what will be happening in 2022).


2021 LIAC Video Evaluations

Toby Hanson, chairman of the Evaluation event, will be glad to answer all questions and help students to sign-up. He can be reached at:

(206) 245-8207 and toby.hanson@comcast.net 

To get started, here are the following links:

2021 LIAC Video Evaluation Guidelines

2021 LIAC Evaluation Submission Form

2021 Sign-up to perform at the Gazebo

We are now taking sign-ups for those who would like to perform at the gazebo.

For those interested in the Gazebo Ensemble, we will be performing on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The Gazebo Ensemble Music Book can be downloaded and printed.

Information for playing at the gazebo and playing in the Gazebo Ensemble:

Gazebo Schedule | Accordion Celeb (accordioncelebration.org) .

2021 Memo on Preparing for Leavenworth

Read here for tips on going to LIAC

2021 See Volunteer Opportunites

Check what is available

February 23, 2021


To our dear LIAC supporters:
During these COVID times, planning a festival in advance is very difficult. None of us knows for certain how things will look in June.

Here is a summary of how things are looking at present:

LIAC 2022 – our program which was planned for 2020 and moved to 2021 is now being moved to June 16 – 19, 2022.  This includes the Festhalle program, workshops, and Grange activities. The LIAC website will be updated to show the “who, what, when” for 2022.

LIAC 2021 – because of COVID, Festhalle activities will have to be cancelled this year. However, the good news is that we intend to have plenty of entertainment at the gazebo. We also have a lovely garden space for jamming and workshops outdoors. There are also plans to have a virtual adjudication event for students. We are excited to have a great, yet safe festival for accordionists and tourists.  For those wishing to perform at the gazebo during LIAC 2021, contact Doris Osgood to reserve your performance time.  A sign- up schedule may be viewed at www.nwasnews.com beginning April 1.  The schedule is for viewing only as in years past.  Contact Doris: dorisosgood@frontier.com or 503-357-0417
The dates are: June 17 – 20, 2021. See www.accordioncelebration.org for important updates.