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Here are the latest updates for LIAC 2023

January 23, 2023

by Bonnie Birch


Please note: the website is not fully updated yet but should be done by the end of February. 

We are working on updates to the competition. These updates will be on the website and submitted to the Northwest Accordion News by the end of January.

Basically, there are 3 items of interest:

1. The Leavenworth Open and the Leavenworth Old Time Open categories are being combined.

2. We have added the Accordion Duets Amateur category

3. There will be a Competition Highlights Concert on Sunday morning for about ½ hour.


You must go to see what we have for Festhalle concerts and workshops.

It will be another great festival.

Festhalle - Concert | Accordion Celeb (

November 28, 2022

by Bonnie Birch


Please note: the website is not fully updated yet but should be done by the end of February.  We do have the evening concert performers lined-up and you may see this on our website at Festhalle - Concert | Accordion Celeb ( .


The competition will basically remain the same as was planned for 2020. We will evaluate how it goes this year and possibly make changes for 2023. We have something to offer everybody that wants to get on the stage and show what they have been practicing and creating. There are competitive and non-competitive categories. A person entering any category can get valuable feedback from a professional staff as well as valuable performing experience.


Gazebo sign-up will start at about the first of April.


Advanced ticket sales will also start around the first of April. We hope to have our online payment system ready to eliminate the need to mail in a check.


Sign-up for the competition categories should be in March and April. However, if you are going to participate, start preparing as soon as possible.


It will be wonderful to see everybody again and encourage all to participate.


June 24, 2022

Well, we had a wonderful festival....lots of great comments. Our concerts, workshops, gazebo entertainment, and grange activities were stunning. Our competitive and non-competitive events are outstanding and we need to get more participation in this portion of LIAC. It is a great opportunity for accordionists to improve their skills.

Thank you for coming and we will see you next year on June 22 - 25, 2023.

Here is a link to a tribute to Leavenworth citizen Frank Calapristi performed by Stephen Wall (tenor), Bonnie Birch (accordion), and Nick Heiting (guitar). .   


Accordionists: Take advantage of our Private Coaching sessions. You have the opportunity for valuable feedback from two of our highly respected accordionists/musicians. More information to come.

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