How to Support our Event

You too can support this event! This letter explains the importance of your support to keep LIAC great. 

Contributions by check may be sent to: 

5102 NE 121st Ave., Unit 12

Vancouver WA 98682. 

Make checks payable to The Northwest Accordion Society.

You may now contribute using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or your Bank Card. This is processed through PayPal (you do not have to have a PayPal account to do this). Minimum donation of $10 via PayPal. Business and club donations via PayPal - please email your business name, contact name, address, website address, phone number, etc. to

Here's the latest list of Sponsors

Please thank our wonderful sponsors when you see them

Virtuoso Sponsor 

Projekt Bayern -
Projekt Bayern is a non-profit organization in Leavenworth that supports the Bavarian theme, supports many local projects, and enriches the town's artistic culture. With their generous donation, they have made it possible to bring top entertainers to LIAC and increase our scholarship and competition awards.

Business Sponsors

Accordion Players, Clubs & Friends of the Accordion

(these donations sponsor our bursary program for young accordion players)

LIAC 2021

Al Aman
Dr. Rhea Forum and Jeanne Olson
Murl Allen Sanders
Yvonne Braune  (in memory of Dick Myking)

LIAC 2020
Bonnie Birch (in memory of Don & Esther Birch)
Coleen Halvorson
Dr. Rhea Forum and Jeanne Olson
Jim Tobler (in memory of Johnny V)
Michelle Mace and Alice Dunkin (donated/sold dirndl)
Microsoft Benevity Giving 
Murl Allen Sanders
NWAS Day of the Accordion
NWAS Socials – Forest Grove
Tom and Caryl Dowell