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LIAC 2024


Parade Participants:

The pieces to be played in the Frank Calapristi Accordion Parade are:

Beer Barrel Polka (key of C)
Happy Wanderer (Key of C
SchneeWaltzer (key of C)
Edelweiss (key of C)

Gather at the Festhalle at 12:30 on Saturday and parade to the Gazebo.


Performances and Schedule

Perform at the Gazebo or just come and enjoy...
The Gazebo is located on Front Street between 8th and 9th St.

Sign up to play at the GAZEBO!

Contact: Doris Osgood  (Doris begins sign-ups in May)

(503) 357-0417 

Current Gazebo Schedule (see what is available)

Obtain a copy of the Gazebo Ensemble gig book.

The Gazebo Ensemble plays at the gazebo: 

3:20 - 4:20pm on Friday and Saturday.

All levels are welcome.

Click here - Gazebo Ensemble gig book 

Click here - Gazebo Ensemble gig book (Simplified)

Click here - 2024 Gazebo Ensemble Playlist

          (know what to practice for 2024)   

Click here - Practice tips for Gazebo Ensemble 

Gazebo Ensemble rehearsal:

Note: in 2024, there WILL be the usual workshop to rehearse this music on Thursday at 3:00pm in the Grange.

Guidelines for performing at the gazebo

The gazebo is a great place to perform outdoors for tourists and accordion friends. We have a sign-up sheet with 15 min. slots where accordionists may perform. Please view the current list of players and email Doris Osgood with your preferred times. She will update the list.

The gazebo has a sound system, microphones, and chairs. If you need a music stand, please bring your own stand. The sound system has local speakers and speakers that are stationed throughout town. A lot of people will be able to hear us.

We have the following guidelines for a successful gazebo event:
1. Your level of playing must be intermediate and above (except the Gazebo Ensemble  allows for all levels)
2. Your program must be well-prepared; the selections should be audience-friendly and include some tunes of the Bavarian theme.
3. Be at the gazebo 10 minutes before your scheduled time
4. The Gazebo Ensemble  allows for all levels and music is provided


Perform at the Gingerbread Factory 

  (cancelled for 2024)

We have another performing venue for those who would like a place to perform in Leavenworth. The location is the Gingerbread Factory (GF) owned by Heidi Forchemer (owner of Andreas Keller). The location is 829 Front Street and performance times are 11am – 3pm on Friday and Saturday. There will be a sign-up sheet. Doris Osgood will have the sheet at the gazebo on Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, just go over to the GF and put your name on the sheet where there is an available slot. It will be an intimate performing environment and sound equipment is not necessary. 
GO CHECK it out.
We look forward to your participation.

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