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LIAC 2024

2024 Grange Workshops & Schedule

Workshops, Private Coaching, FREE Concerts, FREE accordion lessons, sheet music sales, and more

Grange Schedule (PDF) - Click Here 

Grange Overview:

The Chumstick Grange is at 621 Front St; public parking for the Grange is located directly across highway 2 from the grange next to the swimming pool.

Note: The grange is 4 blocks from the Festhalle; the gazebo is in the middle. For accordion players:  it would be good to have a cart to wheel your accordion around town.

The Grange has an upper and lower level. Most activities will take place on the upper level although the FREE accordion lessons will be taught on the lower level. We will have used sheet music for sale as well as LIAC pins and T-Shirts.

See the website for a description of the workshops and workshop presenters.

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